Why Should I Use NurseReferralPro?

We make your organization more connected, efficient and compliant

NurseReferralPro was designed to bring targeted case management to the cloud in a way that’s surprisingly easy and cost effective. Best of all, using NurseReferralPro results in better client care while helping ensure you are compliant.

  • Reporting

    With custom built in reporting that helps ensure you are compliant and reporting that gives you insight into your team and clients, you will be one step ahead in providing the absolute best care for your clients.

  • Works the way you work

    Do you prefer to use a tablet or mobile device while out visiting clients or do you prefer to use a laptop? NurseReferralPro was designed with mobile first in mind so your experience using the system will be easy and consistent from start to finish.

  • Secure and Compliant

    We partnered with Microsoft and utilize their Azure cloud services to ensure NurseReferralPro utilizes the latest in security for HIPAA compliance.

  • Reporting
  • Mobile
  • Secure